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In addition to our design and programming services, we can also help you and your staff get up to speed on a variety of Web-related topics. Classes include:

The Internet and Browser - A good seminar for companies with an intranet and non-technical users. A short, non-technical overview of the Web and how it works, plus a discussion on using a browser to navigate, and "what all the buttons do." We remove the fear of that "thing" called the Internet.

Basic HTML - Why bother to learn HTML - an editor is all you need, right? Wrong! Using an editor without understanding what it's doing means that you can only do what it lets you do--fixing bugs or adding additional functionality will be beyond your abilities. We take the mystery out of HTML.

Intro to CGI - This is not programming 101, since you should be familiar with basic programming concepts to take this course. We concentrate on how to introduce dynamic elements into your site, such as forms, quizzes, simple databases, and searching. Emphasis on Perl and PHP. Pointers to more resources.

Doing it Yourself - Everything you need to set up your own site and/or intranet. Hardware, software, design considerations, setting it up and making it work. Let us train your team.

Intranet Team Training - If you've got or are getting an intranet and want someone to work with your team as a consultant, we can help. We can aid you in getting it off the ground or with a redesign.

If there is a consulting or training need you don't see listed, please contact us. We'll see what we can arrange.

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