Random Halloween Junque

Over time, I've created a number of Halloween-related resources. Since they might be of some use to others, I include them here.

Recipe for Horror
This is just roughed in at the moment, but will eventually be a re-work of a Halloween cookbook I designed for America Online as a seasonal feature.

A resource site dedicated to Halloween weddings.

"Halloween Mystery" Party
Materials and suggestions for a Halloween party I did a few years ago. Similar to the role-playing of a "murder mystery" party, this involves figuring out who (or what) is haunting a house.

Random Haunt Name Generator
A small program I wrote which will generate potential names for your haunt.

Hot Glue Picture Frame
A how-to guide for making a Goth picture frame using rubber novelties and hot glue.

Halloween Countdown Clock
Javascript clock which counts down the days until Halloween.

Chocolate Frog Cards: Example and .zip File
I created these for a Harry Potter Halloween party. A card was included in each packet of "chocolate frogs" as a party favor. The .zip file contains all of the cards in Word format.

Halloween Theme (Offsite Link)
This is a "style" created for phpBB.com's message board application.

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