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Who cares if the site is accessible? If you're a business, you should.

There's no good nor service you provide that your competitors don't, and leaving your site only takes one click. Web users are easily frustrated, and usually impatient; if they can't find the information they want, quickly, they'll give up and go elsewhere...perhaps never to return. Your site's goal should be to let users easily find what they're looking for, and to make their experience with the site as easy and painless as possible.

This doesn't mean that your site has to be sparse and uninteresting; indeed, the more useful content you offer, the more likely it is that visitors will return again and again.

The thing to remember is that your view of the online world isn't the only one: Many users have slow internet connections--making large graphics frustrating to download--or use older versions of browsers which may not support cutting-edge display technologies. Many people with disabilities also browse the Web, and their "helper" software requires certain design strategies for a site to be accessible for them. Our team will be happy to design very swoopy, high-tech site for you if that's what your heart is set on, but we strongly suggest offering an alternate, low-tech version as well. The content of your site is what's important.

The best way to design a site is to follow a variation of the Golden Rule...give unto others the Web experience that you'd like to get. That's what the WebMoose team offers.

Something to Remember:
One of the points which we always strongly emphasize to clients is that customer service is every bit as--if not more--important on the Web than it is in more traditional media. The Web is a rather "cool" medium--you don't have much face-to-face contact--which is why making an effort to cater to your customers is that much more important. Even if information is available on your site--with a bit of searching--it costs you little in time to repeat the information in e-mail, and it reaps you much in customer relations.

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